Wednesday, March 25, 2015

DYT4000 Engine

After filling the bags once the engine would not do more then put put.  Could be a fouled plug.  I have put maybe 3 hours on it.  First I will try a bit of carb cleaner to see if it is not getting enough fuel.  If that does not help I will check the plug to see if it is dirty.

Carb cleaner did not help.  Plug was sooty but not oily.  So I took of the valve cover.  The exhaust valve stud had come loose from the head.  Don't see how it could have run at all.

Cleaned the threads in the head and on the stud.  Use blue thread locker.  Torqued to 100 in/lbs.  Somebody said 45 and I did not see a figure in the repair guide but 45 is hardly tight.

After torquing I put the rocker back in place and there is zero clearance so it may have already been on its way out when I set the valves.

I had been thinking the valves were more noisy than when I first set them.  This would explain it.

Still need to set clearances and reinstall the valve cover.

Saturday, March 28, 2015

Done that a mowed for about a hour with it.   Ran it up to coffee this AM and just as I entered the parking lot the motor revved out of control.  Shut it down and it was find.  Parked it.  Later in the day it did not want to start.  Hope the valves are not out of whack again.