Thursday, March 19, 2015


When assembling the valves I used vaseline between the pushrods and rockers.  bad idea because when the vaseline left they were too loose. Readjusted them.

Installed the gas tank and fender pan.

It works well with just a bit of smoke when throttling up after idling.

A few bolts still need to be reinstalled and some bits are missing but it is working.  Need a rear tire.

Battery charges,  hour meter and lights do not.

Saturday, March 21, 2015

Hour meter works just was unhooked.  Read 1402 not 402.  The tractor does not have that many hours on it.  Must have been left with the key on.  Good chance of that with a broken ignition switch.

New ignition switch works.

Found that the air baffle in the hood was missing a screw and in lop sided.  The hole for the missing screw was stripped.  I put sheet metal screws in the existing holes on both side.  This may help with cooling.  Remember this?

Shot some video of a drive.   Not sure about valve noise maybe pull the cover and check again.  Could be I am just too sensitive about it.