Sunday, February 2, 2014

1968 Cooper Klipper Trim (part 4) valves

The muffler is stuck good but I got both valves out today with it in place.   The guides are a bit loose but hopefully serviceable for an engine that will not be used for other than demonstration.  Of all the engines this is the first to need a new gasket for the breather cover.  This engine has a vent from the breather to the air.  On a car that would have been called a road draft tube.    I wonder why the spring on the right is bunched up at the bottom.  Have the bottom coils failed ?

Yesterday I cleaned up a spring from another engine and was going to install it in the clipper.  The rope that was in the Klipper's starter was way too thick and so was the somewhat smaller rope I have on hand.  The original rope must have swelled as I do not see how it could have been installed.

Today I tried to get the lid off the gas tank.  It seems the filler neck is turning instead of the cap.  I will try cooking it at a low temperature so as not to remove the paint.  But not today.

Febuary 3

Thinking about ways to get that cap off.  Maybe start with the rocks and acetone and turn it to get acetone into the cap while it rests.