Saturday, February 15, 2014

3Z107B 3 Cylinder SpeedAire Compressor (part 7)

 I started cleaning compressor parts this morning.  Because the heater on the ultrasonic cleaner has died I am using an old hot plate to heat the water.
Shortly after I got started the neighbor came over and asked me to dig a foundation for her room addition. The backhoe blew a hydraulic line with just 4 feet left.  We finished off the AM with a trip to the carwash.

A picture to remind me where the oil slinger goes. The rod cap with a tube hanging out of it goes in the center.

The good news is that all the compressor parts have been clean enough to access their condition.

Feb 16th

 This table should make it easier to keep track of the bits. All the parts except for the body and one piston are on the table..

I am continuing to clean parts.  One of the rod journals must have been oil starved or had something get into it that lightly grooved it and the crank. With luck emery cloth or wet/dry sandpaper will clean it up. Rods can be had from grainger at about $90 each.

There is gunk behind the rings that is not coming out.  I may have to remove the rings to do a proper job cleaning the lands.

The AENLD is now off the stand I need for sand blasting so I can get to that when ready.