Sunday, February 9, 2014

Status Update

Depending on how one counts things I am getting near the 1/2 way point on the list of projects. But then it was the easy half,  Note that I do not expect to fix all the engines as some will need parts or tools that are too expensive to obtain.

The 8HP Briggs moves from the In progress to the Running list.  Still needs its gas tank coated and a few other things.

The Go-Putz moves from the Unstarted to the In progress list soon.

Moving the 2A016 from the In progress list to unstarted because I have not touched it.

The unidentified Wisconsin is S-8D.  The big problem I know of is the missing carb.

Running   1st, 3rd, 4th Little briggs, Clinton PHD, Briggs 8HP

In progress  Cooper Klipper, Winco Generator, AENLD,  Briggs 6.5OHV,  3Z107B SpeedAir, Go-Putz

Terminal 2nd little Briggs with a bad exhaust valve guide

2A016 with a suspected broken rod,
10HP Briggs which may need just a carb clean,
Wisconsin S-8D without a carb or exhaust.
Go-Putz Ariens RM1332 with Briggs IC 13HP