Saturday, February 8, 2014

8 HP Briggs Trash Pump (part 3)

Put the new carb fuel inlet elbow and new bowl gasket on.  Used a sheet metal screw with a 1/4" head along with a small socket and a washer to extract the old one.  Another trick learned on the net.

Found a regular socket that fits the torx heads on the carb.  The wrench I used for double nutting has died.

But the engine does not turn over because the pump had some water left in it and is frozen.   I hope it is not damaged.

It looks like the pump is OK other than a bad seal

New problem with the engine.  It does not idle down.  So far I have not seen any adjustment to fix it but a rubber band on the governor arm works nicely.  Not that it is a permanent fix but it sort of indicates a missing or mal adjusted spring.

While I was working on the idle problem the little plastic bit on top the choke broke so now the choke will not work with the carb airbox in place. I was thinking of repairing it but it is part of the plastic choke shaft and the entire shaft may be brittle.  Jacks Small Engines has it for $4.50.  I just made a parts order and there is no hurry with this so it will just have to wait till the next order.  The newer these engines are the more parts it takes to make them right.

I can't find the cover and air filter for the air box.  I was thinking it was all wrapped up in the tarp with the engine.

I am moving this engine to running.

Monday Feb 10
Found the air filter and its cover on the bottom shelf of the stand the WinCo generator is on.