Monday, February 17, 2014

3Z107B 3 Cylinder SpeedAire Compressor (part 8) crankshaft

Loosely following the method used by ShopDogSam in his IH 1 1/2 HP build I polished the rod journal which is shared by all 3 rods.  It is a 1" journal and measures quite close to that. Have to see what it reads when I finish polishing it. That strip was too wide but the only one I took a picture of..

The polished crank is not an easy thing to photograph.    It looks a lot better in person.  Here it looks like I polished rust.

In the sunlight it looks like this.  Still needs work.

This rod journal had been hammered so bad that there was some mushrooming which I flattened. Need to figure out if this has increased the play between the rod and crank too much.  If this was a car I would send the rods out to be reconditioned.  Maybe carefully taking a few thou off the matting surface of the cap and or rod would be enough.  Note the chamfer where the rod and cap join.
The rods and caps have a bump on one side to indicate orientation.  Neat.  The parts manual show 3 part numbers for the rods.  Other then the tube pressed into the center cap and the oil slinger that bolts to the back cap they look identical.  Still need to compare some more.  But I know which rod was in back because of the scoring.

I am pulling the rings from the pistons and removing to grease like buildup in the lands and on the rings.  Not sure if it matters with these rings but I am taking care to preserve location and orientation. The compression rings have nice sharp edges which is good because I plan to reuse them.

It would be nice if I could get that last ring out of the center piston.

On the original compressor the top ring has a notched end and the 2nd ring does not.  This makes cleaning them a bit easier because there is no problem telling them apart.  They have a dimple on the top too.

The table was a mess by the end of the day.  I need to clean off the low workbench and use that and keep the table just for the parts.