Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Rust Removal Using Electrolysis (part 3)

The setup from part 2 is not finished but I need to clean a few carb parts for the Cooper Klipper Trim so a much smaller one is needed.   A  soup can was selected for the job.  The cans have a coating inside that has to be removed. But as most people know cans have sharp edges.  I dulled this one with sandpaper.

I scuffed the inside of the can with sandpaper then I set up the old spring as the sacrificial anode.  This should remove the remainder of the coating.  Given that  I do not care about how the can looks I cranked up the amps to 1.

Seems I get more of the brown scum using tap water.  It does not seem to interfere with the process.

After only 10 minutes the coating is starting to come loose. After about a hour I was tempted to use it but why not give it another hour or 2 and get most if not all of the coating.

Now this is getting fun.  A few minutes after this image it hit 18.5V and is keeping the can warm.

This is good enough.

The springs go into the molasses because we don't want hydrogen embrittlement to cause problems.

Here I have added the choke lever arm from the carb and the current went up to .25A.

With the choke control rod off the carb the choke moves easily.  So we need to make sure the linkage is not binding in any way.