Saturday, February 1, 2014

AENLD (part 4) oil pump

Somewhere along the line a fellow on the web mentioned that the ANELs can die due to a clogged oil pump if put back into service without first checking.

I was not anxious to open the bottom of this engine as it is a heavy beast.   But do diligence we must.

Two of the legs are broken off the sump pan. They will have to be fixed.

The gunk in the sump is not too bad for an old engine.

The innards.  The oil pump is on the lower left and the crank and rod is top center.

The relevant diagram from the ANEL manual.

I would like to take the oil pump out and clean it while I am here.  However I am a bit worried about getting it back together if the bits fall down from higher up in the engine.

Took the oil pump off today.  Plant to test it in a bit of diesel fuel.  That should clean as well as test it.  But first I have to hold an easter egg hunt for the spring. It did not go bong.  I may have misplaced it or it fell out when I was handling the pump.

Found the spring about 4 feet from the engine.  Also found the venturi which I had hung on the peg board and a spiral insert for the Cooper Klipper Trim.  What a day.

Feb 9th

Took the pump apart and run it through the ultrasonic cleaner a few time.  I expect it would have been fine as it was but as long as I had it out why not clean it,

Feb 10

Cleaned the strainer.

Feb 13

Created the pattern and cut a paper test gasket.