Thursday, January 30, 2014

AENLD (part 3) magneto

When I worked on the rollers ANELD engine I swapped the magneto with the one on this (the spare) engine because I could not get this one working.

Today I started by checking the condenser using the Mondo Superprobe which I built a few years back.  The condenser checked out at .28uF which is very good.  But it was rusty so I went over it with some 600 grit sand paper.

I reset the points to .015in and put it all back together.  While testing it fired the neon bulb, shocked me an burned a hair or two in the process.  Good bet it is working.  But I am working on a tester to measure relative ignition voltages.  There will be an update or a post when that happens.

Need to get a c-clip for the points and hit the cover with another coat of poly.  I don't know if it will hold up to the heat but it is worth a try.