Monday, January 20, 2014

Status Report

It is getting hard for me to keep up with where each engine is at so I expect anyone reading this is confused too.  I am separating the A016 Military Engine from the SpeedAir compressor projects.

Summary 18 Projects Total
2 Unrepairable at this time
In progress
5 Unstarted

Little Briggs Engines 2 and 3 HP

1. Running. Needs an air cleaner and a shroud with recoil. 1st Little Briggs

2. A good looking bore but has been shelved because of a bad exhaust valve guide.  For now it is the parts engine. 2nd Little Briggs

3. Waiting on fuel pump diaphragm.  Sloppy keyway which maybe OK with lapped flywheel. Has fired up with a prime in carb. . 3rd Little Briggs

4. (Red IC Engine) Running. 4th Little Briggs

5. (WinCo POWER-MITE generator)  The plan is to get this generator working.  About all I have done is remove the fan shroud which is missing its pull starter (busted off).  Has a rope cup.   Saving this on for later because it has the most complex connections to the carb and governor.  WinCo Generator

6. (Cooper Klipper Trim)  Just really started work on it.  Now have spark but it did not start when it was turned over with the pull start. Cooper Klipper Trim

Other engines.

Briggs 8 HP L head.  Cleaning gas tank and carb.  8 HP Industrial Plus

Briggs 7 1/2 HP OHV.  Have not looked at it.

Briggs 10 HP L head on insect fogger.  Have not looked at it.

Spare AENLD   Have the carb cleaned but need to put the float in.  Magneto does not work yet.  Need to check the oil pump and put the clutch back on.  AENLD

Mystery Wisconsin.  Have not started on it.

Roller AENLD  Working.

Clinton Power Auger Working

2A016 Military Engine  sounds like a tossed rod or busted crank.  Clunk.  Need to tear it down to find out.   

The SpeedAir compressor may be salvageable if I can get the last head off. 3Z107B Compressor


Newly Added

Kohler 13 or 17 HP in closet.  Have not looked at it.

Old gas powered week whip from my deceased friend Bill.  Not sure of the brand I think it was bought out by ryobi.

Ariens RM1332 with a Briggs IC 13 HP.