Friday, January 3, 2014

WinCo POWER-MITE Generator (part 1)

This is a 10ci Briggs most likely an old Civil Defense genset. The engine numbers are hidden by a heavy coat of yellow paint.  

The interesting part here is not the engine but the generator it is connected to.  It is a 115V 15.6A, 1800 continuous watts,  60 cycle generator.  Just the sort of thing one needs to keep the lighs on when the power is out.  Even with the model number I can not find any info on this generator.

The most telling clues are what it says on the outlet area. 

There is information about the ELECTRONIC CONSERVER on the WinCo sit. Need link here.  Also it is possible that the automatic idle vs continuous full speed will be a clue.

The spark plug came out ugly so I suspect it is a worn out Kool-Bore engine.  With luck the 4th little Brigg can replace it.

So far I have attempted to get it to fire with no luck.