Saturday, January 11, 2014

2A016 Military Engine + 3Z107B 3 Cylinder SpeedAire Compressor

The 3Z107B is a Dayton compressor once sold by Grainger under the speedAire name.   Today Grainger emailed me a manual for the 3Z107B and I already have the engine manual so I figured it was time to start a blog entry for this setup.  This project is attractive because if it works I can use it for air at the south shop which currently only has an extension cord from the house for power.

The twin engine is 6HP at something like 6:1 compression.  The compressor is 10 cfm 100/125 PSI.  There is a good possibility of getting parts for both.  The engine may be easier.


One or both are locked up as they are belted together with 2 V belts and it does not turn.  There seems to be a bit of liquid in the tank and that has caused me to think I at least need to dry that out. to prevent further damage.  Obviously the tank will need to be looked at.

Images from the web.

This is what I have.

Moving the unit from cold storage to the behind the workshop. The bucket lip was between the tank and the tank legs.  With that as a pivot point the chain was enough for the loader to capture and lift it.

A closer look at the tank.   I have doubts that it was originally a AC pressure tank because I can not find a drain.

Wednesday Jan 15

Loosened the engine and removed the compressor today.   My thinking that one or the other was locked up was wrong.  They BOTH are!   The engine rocks just enough to hear metal on metal. The pump moves further with no metallic sound.

I moved the compressor into the shop and put more pbBlaster on the head bolts.   The output pipe connecting the heads came off without a problem.
The square plate on top the tank that I was worried about is in fact a data plate.  A few punched numbers that I have to get an image off soon.  This is starting to look more and more like a real air tank.

Friday Jan 17th

After applying pbBlaster a day or so ago 2 of the 3 heads are off.  It seems that the thing was left out in the weather and crud has collected inside the cylinders.   I have added a bit of pbBlaster to the open two.