Friday, January 24, 2014

3Z107B 3 Cylinder SpeedAire Compressor (part 2)

Given that the military engine has internal problem I am going to have to select another engine to replace it at least in the short run.  That is provided I get the compressor fixed.

The Wisconsin AENLD can not be used because it will not work without its gear reduction. The candidates for this are

  1. Briggs 8HP L-head trash pump
  2. Briggs 6 1/2 OHV trash pump  (maybe too small)
  3. Briggs 10HP L-Head insect fogger

Engine #3 has the advantage that maybe we could run the belt for an electric starter in the rope pull start sheave.

If I have to pull start it I want the easiest to start engine.  Wonder if the OHV engine #2 is easier to start then the L heads.

The 3rd head came off today thanks to a bit of encouragement and some heat.
The head came off with the last bolt. It seems they were seized to the head rather then the cylinder.

These are the worst 3 bolts and it seems they have some good thread on the bottom where they were in the cylinder.  Maybe chasing the bolt holes will be enough.

The stuff in the cylinder looked like a disgusting lump. But it was more like a powder.  I have a video. Please forgive the lame title.

Tuesday January 28

Level of penetrating oil in cylinder is not going down.  Removed the set screw in the flywheel and filled it with PO. Tried wheel puller and a little heat.   Moved it out to the picnic table and hit it with the air hammer.  Need to give it more time.

Seems I was too impatient to allow more time but it worked out.  A 3 jaw wheel puller PB blaster in the allen screw hole and a lot of elbow grease did the work. I tried the air hammer but I am not sure if it contributed to the success.

One can not see much inside with the end plate off.

At first glance the roller bearing looks good.

The serial number.

Next up is to cut off an allen key to fit under the jugs.

The parts illustration shows that each connecting rod has its own crank journal.  I think the thing to do next is open the bottom up and pull the two end pistons

My local copy of the manual is at F:\Dropbox\Manuals\speedaire/3Z170b.pdf.

Wednesday January 29th

Today I managed to pull the 3 pistons and rods.  The center piston only came off because I unbolted the cylinder jug.  Now I need to try to get it off without damage to the piston, jug, and rings if possible.  Maybe too much to ask.

I started making a video but had to let the ice melt inside the compressor case.  When I started taking the rod caps off it was such a greasy mess I did not want my ipod around.