Tuesday, January 21, 2014

3rd Little Briggs (part 3) Assembly

You may recall that this guy has a loose keyway so  I started by lapping the flywheel to the crank. Following that the magneto was installed using 2 thicknesses of paper to gap it.  The magneto was know good but as usual spark did not seem forthcoming.   But it is there.

The fuel pump diaphragm has not arrived yet so I bolted the carb on without the tank and screwed in the muffler without locking it.  The shroud which I repaired last night was installed next. Added oil.

A bit of gas in the intake and a few cranks was enough to get it to fire. This one is not far from done if the quick carb clean was enough.

January 22th

The fuel pump parts have arrived.  It is going to he hard starting with 30W oil and a high of 50F so I will be setting this in the sun for a few hours to warm up.

For some reason I could not find the carb to tank screws or the breather pipe clip.  So I borrowed 2 screws from 2LB and 1 from the WinCo.  Left the breather off for now.

The old carb to tank gasket stuck to the tank and looked decent.  So I added 1 layer of my gasket material (CNC cut) and called it good.  I did find a bottom bolt for the tank braket but forgot to put it in prior to testing.

I finally found a test setup I like.  It is the old picnic bench out back of the shop.  It flexes enough to counteract the motion of the engines.

This one is moving to the green done list.  But it still needs a few bits like the carb linkage and its own air cleaner wrap it up.