Saturday, January 4, 2014

Zim No. 131 Valve Spring Compressor.

Yesterday the Briggs style valve spring compress we ordered arrived. It is a Zim Speciality Tools #131.  It seems to be a sturdy well built tool.  Made in the USA!

It was a snap to remove the valves from Little Briggs #1.  To do the job with a screw driver I would have to roll under my dex and maybe put an eye out.  Money well spent for me.  YMMV

Next in this post we will touch up the valves. That will happen when the lapping stick shows up in a few days.

That has been done.  Putting the springs back on is very easy with this tool.  Just align the retainer with the large hole facing the engine and place the spring over the stem.  Lift the spring up into place and push the spring forward placing the stem in the smaller retaining hole.  done