Tuesday, January 21, 2014

WinCo POWER-MITE Generator (part 2)

This was written a while back.  Not sure why it was not published.  Maybe it is a duplicate.

A paper shop towel soaked in acetone revealed the motor's ID.

 10 Cubic inches 
 0 Series 0
 2 Horizontal
 3 Ball Bearing
 2 Recoil Start

Date code is 1966.   Seems this a 10ci engine and sadly the only one in the bunch.  That is motive enough to tear into it.   Especially since I am still waiting for the pump diaphragm for the 3rd Little Briggs.

So "off with its head" say I.  But first pictures to document how it goes back together.

The head bolts came off easy enough and things do not look too bad. Tomorrow I will use the snap guages to find out how much cylinder wear there really is.

One of the head bolts has a helicoil that stands proud of the cylinder head.  I may have to file that down.

I did not see any reason for the engine not to run here so I figured it was time to inspect the valves. But again more pictures so I can get it back together.

For obvious reasons I have not included all the images here.  I need to refer back to the pictures and follow the time codes to make sense of them.

The exhaust valve seat could use a touch up but it is should not bad enough to keep this engine from running.

So tomorrow I measure the cylinder and lap the valves.  Obviously this one gets an electronic ignition. Just need to locate one.

My bore measuring still feels somewhat uncertain.  I think I have the snap gauge part down but getting a consistent reading from the digital calipers is a problem.  Having said that I would say this bore is like new.  This is very good news.  

Given the yellow color it is possible this is a civil defence generator and suffered more from neglect then use.  Still there is a lot of oil and grease on the outside.  Maybe the seals have dried out.  

The fuel pump diaphragm for Little Briggs #3 has arrived.