Thursday, January 30, 2014

3Z107B 3 Cylinder SpeedAire Compressor (part 3)

I am taking a bit of a risk and using reverse plating with distilled water and washing soda to see if I can remove the iron rust from the aluminum cylinder wall.    I am pulling it down every 1/2 hour and scrubbing it with a not too aggressive scouring pad.

Not much was happening so I decided to amp it up for a while.  Next round I cut it back to .25A and 9V.

Progress as of 11 PM.

It seems the warnings about checking it often had to do with lightly rusted parts.  I am going to let this run overnight at 1/3 amp.

I changed the water and am only getting 5.4V at 1/3 amp.  I am thinking this maybe due to a higher level of washing soda in this batch.  Need to start measuring.

Pictures of the heads.