Sunday, January 26, 2014

1968 Cooper Klipper Trim (part 3) Meet the Vacu Jet

If you are thinking this is a screwdriver rather then a carb you are correct!  Today while looking for an impact driver bit I located my bent screw driver and managed to get the carb off.

These images are of the carb prior to cleaning.  That riser tube is red because it is coated with varnish.  I wonder how much of the rest of the carb is in this condition. The tank is horrid with the stuff too but that is another post.

The carb has no fuel pump and only has 2 screws holding it to the fuel tank.

The only part I plan to remove for cleaning is the main jet needle valve assembly.

The spring looked rusty prior to cleaning and it came out nice looking. The bottom and a few crevises were still nasty so I scraped them.

Getting there after about 4 cleaning sessions in the cheer laundry detergent.

When I pulled it from the cleaner the first time the bit of tin in the carb to swirl the air fell out.  Where is it ?

Thinking about removing and soda blasting the rusted bits. Maybe repainting them.

It is always surprising how much dirt comes off a carb.

When cleaning like this always check the bottom of the cleaner when draining it for any parts that may have fallen off.

Next we change out the water for fresh with just dawn dish soap.

Getting the choke and other linkages working just right needs special attention compared to the stand alone engines.    Here I have just managed to pull the choke out for the first time using a shop rag over the knob and a pair of pliers.  I tossed it back into the cleaner 1 more time to remove the crud exposed by moving the choke.

A little silicone on the slide and a touch on the rod where it moves through the hole has it moving well.  Even snaps shut most of the time.  Still not quite there.  I expect it will come off from gas vapors.

I needed a clear look at what the linkages should be.  The one on my carb are somewhat abused. So far this is the best I have found.

Prior to removal of engine.

Found this "Fig. 68 - Choke-A-Matic Linkage"

I do not see any good reason to remove the muffler if it don't want to come.   But I will move the lock nut to the far end and maybe after it runs a while it will come loose and I will reinstall it with anti seize.

The fuel tank is the next thing to look at and it is the worst one yet.