Monday, January 20, 2014

1968 Cooper Klipper Trim (part 2) The Spring is Broken

 My goal is to get this machine running and leave as little evidence as possible that I worked on it.

In anticipation of working on the Cooper Klipper's engine I figured it would be nice to have the recoil starter working.   My first desire was to clean up the recoil without taking it out of the housing. So maybe a bit of brake clean followed by auto tranny fluid was all that was needed.

After messing with it for about 1/2 an hour I gave up.  I should have know better thinking back to the dirt that was in the lower part of the shroud.  But I did not expect the recoil spring to be broken.

At first I it seemed the end was broken off and that can be fixed by grinding a new end on the spring.

Digging further I discovered the spring was broken into 4 parts.  It is junk!

This has me wondering if the starter clutch seized on the crank shaft.  Tune in next time...

Well no.  The crankshaft on the flywheel side is one of the best looking in the bunch.  So the dirt may have been enough to rust the spring steel to where it broke. It sort of makes sense in that there are about as many brakes in the spring as there are turns.  I need more parts mowers.

The engine had no spark and I want to keep this
original which means keeping the points.  I pulled the flywheel and what was under it was gruesome.  No big surprise.  Some work with a dry toothbrush and compressed air worked wonders.

Under the ignition cover it was fairly clean so I just ran a sheet of brake clean soaked paper between the points.  To test it I spun the flywheel on the crank.   Spark!

Pressing my luck just a bit I installed the flywheel and clutch.  Again using the coil from the red engine, 4th Little Briggs, I added some gas to the intake and cranked it for a while.  No joy but it was a long shot.  For all I know there is a mouse living in the carb.

I am starting to warm up to the idea of pulling the carb and gas tank and then lap the valves.  Just try to leave a small footprint.

Anyway I got tired of swiping #4's shroud so I cleaned the spring from #3 and put a new rope in it.  Tomorrow we see how well it works on an engine.