Sunday, January 12, 2014

1968 Cooper Klipper Trim (part 1) 80102 0168 01 6803281

 8 Cubic inches 
 0 Series 0
 1 Horizontal
 0 Plain Bearing 
 2 Recoil Start

Manual is 27831A-domestic.pdf
For parts seach 080100 parts.

We could have called this the 6th little Briggs.  The last time you seen the "Cooper Klipper Trim" it was just as I found it.

The chains were both badly rusted in place.  No idea if the motor was locked.Today I pulled the motor off.   I could turn the engine over with the crank but it made a horrid noise.  The recoil starter was dragging.  It has some compression

While attempting to remove the fan shroud I snapped off the top mounting bolt.  Did I tell you earlier I was good at that.  

Once the cover was off I found a sizeable portion of panhandle soil.  It was nasty.

I hit most every bolt with pbBlaster and put the engine on the shelf to soak.

Jan 15th

Today I gave the head bolts another shot of pbBlaster.  Taped each with the wrench handle.  On a lark I gave one a try and it came.  They all did :)  I have a good center punch and a cheepo automatic one on order to drill out the broken shroud mounting bolt.

The plan is to take the head off and check the valves and bore.    Unless there is an unforeseen problem I do not plan to open the crank case.  The carb and gas tank will have to come off for cleaning. Fule tank part number is 399390 and about $45.