Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The 4th little brigg's is ALIVE

It did not take long to put the carb, muffler, and shroud back on. That bottom bolt on the carb is sure a pain.  I pulled the shroud back off to convince the recoil rewind to work better.  It did not take too long to get it started.  The on/off switch does not turn the engine off.  The high speed jet needs adjusting and the linkages some fiddling.
I made a video but all you can hear is the metal base on the motor banging against the metal stand it is sitting on.
I am not sure if this engine was junked because of the repaired pump or because it was backfiring like it did for me prior to lapping the flywheel.

The rotary on/off switch is working.  The switch wire needed to be connected to a lug behind the coil.  All the tin is back on.

For now this is last we will see of the 4th little briggs.

Saturday Jan 13th
Torque wrench arrived.  Loosened and retorqued the head to 160 inch lbs.