Thursday, January 9, 2014

Rust Removal Using Electrolysis (part 2)

The tank from part 1 worked well to clean up small parts but is too small to do a fan shroud in.  This post is about building and using a larger one based on a cattle feed tub which is easy to find in ranching country. The one I measured was 17 inches tall with a base of 19.5 inches which works out to about 20 gallons.

Now that I have found washing soda the size is not a problem.  But I will have to give using tap water a try as I do not fancy filtering 30 or so gallons of water.  I need to run that experiment with tap water in my little unit from part 1.  I wonder if adding borax to the water would help.  What happens when you put too much in.

The need for pure water has me thinking about a solar still.   But this is January and water in small containers freeze solid.  This is also a problem for the tank itself.   

For the container I opted to go with a Sweet Licks tub.  They are a polygon and the angles between the sides make a nice spot to hold the rebar.

Instead of cutting up my one long chunk of rebar I am using some short stuff left over from when they built a highway.  It is high quality stuff with a coating of some sorts that I hope can be removed by putting the neg on the rebar and the plus on a lump of junk in the center.  The C shape is a bit of 1" strap that I may use near the bottom.