Friday, January 17, 2014

2nd Little Briggs 80232 Bad Valve Guide FAIL

 8 Cubic inches 
 0 Series 0
 2 Horizontal
 3 Ball Bearing
 2 Recoil Start

If you are thinking I started on the worst of the engines first you are right.  By my thinking it is better to screw up on the junk.  Of the original 3 Little Briggs this one is the most complete and manufactured in 1963.  The images here were taken after the shroud was removed.

It looks like this guy may have an electronic magneto fitted to it.

This engine apparently has a straight shaft.  The slotted pump input slides over the output shaft and is held in place with a clamp.

Currently I am working on getting the pump to slide off the motor output shaft.  It is slow going, maybe splitting the pump will help.

It came off after splitting the pump.   A 15/16th inch socket on the impeller nut with an air impact loosened the slotted sleeve over the output shaft.   The good news is that this is the first engine to have a standard non-tapered shaft with a keyway.

To debug #1 I borrowed the electronic magneto coil from this unit.  It worked on #1 so it will work when I put it back on this one.  One less thing to be bad.  The bad news is that one of the valves has a bad guide.  Way too much wiggle with it extended.  The piston was very clean on the side away from the valves and covered with oil on the side near them.

I don't have the tools to change guides or a metal lathe to make them.  So this block is DOA at least for now.    But I can always  put the straight shaft crank into another engine if I need it.

I used a vice grip as a fork to lift the valve out of the guide.

The valve is worn on one side by about 3/1000th.

The stem was further damaged the guide as you can see by the brass on my finger. For now this engine goes on the shelf.