Thursday, January 2, 2014

8 HP Briggs 196432-1247-E1

19   cubic inches 
 6 Series 6
 4 Horizontal
 3 Ball Bearing
 2 Recoil Start

Local copy of parts manual

Today I choose this zombie engine as my next victim. I verified that it had spark, took off the air cleaner and gave it a whiff of starting fluid.  It spoke to me :)
Next the carb and the fuel tank need to be cleaned. But first I plan to remove the head an check the cylinder for wear or damage.  Not use fixing the fuel system if the engine is hosed.

I think it would be a good idea to remove the pump prior to starting. It is self priming and I do not want to run it dry.

Jan 11th

Removed the gas tank.  Need to look at the manual to see how the carb comes off.   OK found and downloaded the manual.  This is what it shows.

This is not exactly what I was looking for.  But the thing that had me wondering was the bolt 53,   From what I seen today the torx looking end is sticking out.  The flange near it holds the carb onto the intake.  I made a half hearted effort to turn it off with double nuts.  Maybe I need to get a trox bolt and use it as a driver.

In retrpospect:  These long bolts like 53 hole the carb and the header to the block.

I don't have any gas tank sealer yet so I am going to hold off on the rocks and electrical cleaning.  Maybe with luck acetone will be enough with this one.

For some time I has wonder about testing pump engine with the pump attached.  I may try filling the pump with water.  Maybe it will keep enough to cool the seals.

Jan 12

The carb linkage but to be safe  I will take pictures.  Carb looked familiar it is a Walbro carb like the one on the clinton 2 stroke post hole digger.

In theory one is supposed to uses a E-5 Torx socket to remove the studs that hold the carb.  I found a stamped wrench in my tool drawer and used it to double nut the studs and remove them.

The linkage is rather simple.  I should have gotten a closer look at that spring but I think it shares the gromet with the linkage on the carb end.

The carb cleaned up well but the main jet was still plugged and stripped.  I got it to where you could blow through  it but I am concerned about the holes in the side of it.   I am going to start adding a bit of carb cleaner each day and it it with compressed air.   This carb is not a great loss as I would like to replace it with an adjustable one.