Saturday, January 25, 2014

Briggs 6 1/2HP OHV (part 1) 121432 0153 E1

Given that the 8HP L-head needs parts I figured I would bring this one out and see if it needed any obvious parts.  The prospect of working on a OHV engine has my interest.

The exhaust header is loose on the head.  Not sure the bolts might be stripped or sheared off.  Gravity feed so no fuel pump to fix   It did not have any oil but I think that happened when it was moved en mass with the rest of the engines. .

 12 Cubic inches 
  1 Series 1
  4 Horizontal
  3 Ball Bearing
  2 Recoil Start

 The good news is that it did fire with a shot of starting fluid.

The carb is off.  I hit the outside of it with carb cleaner to wash away the old gas smell.  It looked decent when the grime was washed away.   Next I ran it in the ultrasonic with hot tap water a couple of times.  Then I took the bowl and bowl o-ring off and ran it a few times in 140F water.  Carb is 21473.  Bowl gasket is stretched but I used it anyway wonder if it will leak.  A new one is on the list of things to be ordered.

Cleaned and ready to go if the bowl gasket does not leak!   I need to check to see if I need to cut gaskets or if the ones from the pulsa-jet will fit. Remember to tighten carb bowl nut.

Just prior to tear down.  I did not take any images but the ones needed to put it back together.

I wonder if this broken exhaust port is the only problem this engine has.