Tuesday, January 28, 2014

AENLD (part 2) continued from Carb Day

The spare ANELD needs a carb and a magneto that works. I have also been told one needs to pull the pan and ensure the oil pump/squirter is working. With these things done it should run.

It is too cold to work outside so I figured I would finish up the ANELD carb.  I opened it and found that I had not cut a bowl basket.

For someone like me with lots of spare time cutting gaskets makes economic sense.   The pulsa-jet gaskets on top are at least $1 each and I only found the L63E bowl gaskets in kits.  I expect they are at about$5 each.  And lets not forget shipping.  By the time I get done with these engines I may have paid for the cutter and software if I don't count my time.
Note that I also use this setup for cutting solder paste stencils and EPDM rubber washers so it is not a gasket only setup.

I have been good about keep all small carb parts in little tupperware like containers for each carb.  For some reason the venturi for this carb did not end up with the rest of the parts.  I moved it to a safe place last week and now I can't locate it.  This gives me an opportunity to take the carb back to the shop to loosen the governor rod and sticky choke.

The governor rod came loose with a bit of heat from the oxy-propane setup.