Tuesday, February 4, 2014

1968 Cooper Klipper Trim (part 6) Recoil starter and carb

Found another turn of rope rusted into the starter pulley.  It did not come out easily nor did the knot you see just above my thumb.

The pulley along with the recently found spiral twisty bit from inside the carb got a bath.

The hard part of the recoil reload is done.  Just needs to bend down the tabs, trim the rope, and install the pull handle on the rope.

The interior needs to be coated with rusty metal primer.  Rather then bend the tabs twice I will wait to do final assembly till after it is painted..

I reinstalled the spiral in the carb.  Just jammed it in so that it matched the position of the one on the pulsa-jet on the left..   But there is still a problem with the carb.

The needle valve spring is being held back by a brass washer rusted to the needle.
They came loose by holding the washers in a line man's pliers and cranking hard on the screw head.  That needle looks ugly!  It surprised me when the spring bounced back after being released.