Wednesday, February 5, 2014

1st Little Briggs 1st run video and Pulsa-Jet friction throttle parts

If you are looking for a more modern pulsa-jet linkage check out  sblg43's video.

All the parts have arrived to restore the missing friction throttles to the 1st and 3rd little briggs.  It is too cold to work in the engine shop so I installed one of the setups on the Cooper Klipper's vacu-jet out of curiosity,

It is still cold, tool cold to start the engines.   But I opted to get started on getting the throttles setup.

Although these 3 engines are quite similar with pulsa-jet carbs each had a different throttle setup.

This is the 4th little briggs.  It is the newest and arrived with a complete throttle linkage.  Note how the linkage is bent around the lever on the side of the carb.

This is the 1st little briggs.  Unlike the engine above the throttle lever does not bend over the lever.

This is the 3rd little briggs.  It has a ramp setup behind the lever.   Need to research that...

and figure F in the next image indicates that the ramp is for speed adjustment.

1st Little Briggs 1st run and friction throttle installation video.   The first run part of the video was shot prior to building the DIY IPOD Tripod Mount.

Next the third little briggs.  A picture of how it originally appeared helps to understand its linkage.

How it looks after cleaning and reassembly.