Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Briggs 6 1/2HP OHV (part 2)

I have to say the newer Briggs and Stratton parts manuals cover so many engine configuration that they are confusing.  You might find the part number you are looking for but they give little clue how the engine goes together.  I suppose one needs a service book for that.
This engine had a carb clean and a bath at the car wash.  The exhaust port is busted out but it looks like I can cut threads and put a 1" galvanized or black pipe in it.

Added the carb which leaked when I got it outside.  I had to take it off again to change the bowl gasket because the new one was a bit small and would not seat in the bowl but did work if slipped over the carb body.

Earlier I had the shroud and the throttle/governor assembly at the car wash.  I did a fair job on the inside of the shroud but not so much on the outside.

Not sure why this merits a picture but hey it did need oil.

Feb 12

The head took a bath.  I also chased the threads in both exhaust port bolt holes.  There is enough threads in the busted part to maybe work if I use a wire to tie the bolt down aircraft style.  Or I may try sold alumaloy to fill in the missing area and redrill the hole.  Need to see how much exhaust gets through the gap between the muffler insert and the block.

Cylinder bore looked good and head was clean.

Reassembling the head. From the engine users manual:  Head bolts torque to 210 in/lbs.  Intake at .005 in and exhaust at .010 in.

Feb 13

Lapped the valves and put it all back together.

Did some testing.  The muffler seems like it will be OK. Got the governor closer to useable.  May have a gas leak at the carb but will not know till I switch to the correct gas line.

Feb 14th

Mounted gas tank. Short a few screws for the trim.  Added correct fuel line and it still leaks.  Need to try changing elbow on carb.  Soon this will be moved to the running list.

All this engine needs is a gasket for the muffler and maybe an elbow for the carb.  I will tear of the carb and muffler when I get the gasket.  But it is essentially done so it is moving to the running list.

This is an interesting engine in that it is my only OHV but it is also one of Brigg's weakest engines.  I should have checked to see if it had a cast iron sleeve when I had the head off but i expect it does not.  Maybe I will check when I have the carb and muffler off.

Anyway if all this engine is going to do is sit on the shelf there is no point in addressing the minor smoking problem.  But I may try to solder a lead to the busted off low oil sensor.