Saturday, February 15, 2014

AENLD (part 6) pump and sump.

Yesterday I cut 2 new pan baskets.  My gasket stock is thin so I often use two layers.

Prior to installing the oil pump I primed it using the bottom half of a one gallon tea jug (like milk jug) to hold the oil.    The pump was easy to reinstall.

To get the pan on I had to block up the bottom of the engine to get a bit more clearance.  Keep in mind the dry weight for the engine is 110 1lbs.  The manual say to torque the pan bolts at 7 to 10 ft lbs.  I used 100 inch lbs.

Next the engine gets attached to the heavy steel plate you see in the lower right quadrant of the picture.  I wanted to do it this evening but my back betrayed me.  I dumped the bolts for the base into the green towel which then dumped them on the floor.  I was not into crawling around and sorting them out.

Feb 16th

It is a good thing I did not get the base bolted on I forgot the oil screen!  Only 12 little bolts to pull and replace

OK inspected and did some final cleaning of the screen with a tweezers.  Pulled the sump and installed it then replaced the sump and bolted the engine to the heavy metal plate it came on.