Tuesday, February 18, 2014

WinCo POWER-MITE Generator (part 6) New Cart and a Service Tag

 For some months now the WinCo Generator has been sitting on this overloaded cart.  The intention had been to attach the chain to the ceiling so it would prevent the WinCo from hitting the floor should the cart fail.  That was lame and never happened.

This cart was originally an AV center at the local high school.  It was buried in clutter over at the other shop so I liberated it to hold the WinCo.
The AV cart is much more suited to the WinCo. Tomorrow I will get a picture of the generator on its new cart.
Attached to the generator was this service tag.  It was an even shade of brown but a light brushing revealed the name of service shop still in business in Amarillo Tx.