Friday, February 14, 2014

WinCo POWER-MITE Generator (part 5) Intake valve trouble

Today I took another shot at lapping the intake valve.  Last time I tried it was below freezing and nothing seemed to work including my hands and the suction cup so I gave it up as a bad deal.  These are pictures borrowed from a previous post.

Try as I might I could not get a grinding noise.  So I checked the valve clearance and there was none. My guess is this is a botched repair job with the heli-coil sticking up and what looks like a freshly ground valve seat and a valve that was never adjusted.

Part of me wants to replace the seat but then that would possibly mean a new seat and valve.  I think the right thing to do is to grind off the valve stem and see what we end up with after a light lap.\

Feb 19th

The trouble I see with that is the valve will be too far now in the seat and the contact patch will be on the upper edge of the valve instead of in the middle.  The question is do I need a new valve, valve seat or both.

I wanted to see how another valve would work so I grabbed the intake from Little Briggs #2 which what has a bad exhaust valve guide.  But as you can see the 10 ci engine uses a larger valve.  Duh!

Need price both and do some more thinking.

Ordered a new valve and seat off ebay for $10.50!  Going rate is abou5t $25 each at the parts houses.