Sunday, February 2, 2014

AENLD (part 5) carb

Today I found the safe place I stored the venturi in.   Again I scratched my head on the float dampening spring.  This float had a mark left by the short leg of the spring which helped.

Everything was going well in that the little spring did not fly away.  But I put goofed as you can see in the first image.  The float will not fit through that hole in the gasket.

So the float and nasty little spring came off one more time so I could put the gasket on first.
Everything is done but repacking the needle valve adjusting screw.

Graphite packing may be getting hard to find.  We got this package of graphite packing off the web.  Tease out one strand from the rope.

This might just have been enough packing had I not cut it off.  The next time I used about twice that.  You know when you have it right because there is drag on the adjusting screw. 

I have several more of these to pack and I will do a video once I know what I am doing.  But unless the carb does not work when installed it is done.